Hadden wants to boost public safety, slow growth in Eagle City Council bid

"Former mayoral candidate Chris Hadden thinks the City of Eagle needs to make some significant changes.

So he’s running for the office he believes has the most power to make them.

'City council has the most power in a traditional local city government in the sense that it is the voting body,” Hadden said. “The mayor only gets to vote in the case of a tiebreaker. And they also have veto power. And so that’s why I’ve decided to run for city council.'"

By Sydney Kidd, BoiseDev


Got Water Rights?
The driving force behind the Avimor Annexation

"What if there is more to the story of Avimor? What if the city paved the way for Avimor to grow exponentially?

The Mayor and Council recently approved the annexation of the Avimor Development in March 2023. In the final decision fully documented in the City of Eagle Findings, Facts and Conclusions; the City of Eagle approved Avimor to build 7,700 homes over 37+ years."

By Christopher Hadden, The Eagle Chronicle